Bagua martial arts illustrations

Task: describe system of visual identity that I created for my own design studio. Name of the studio: “360° Grafik” (360 degrees of graphics) – this name symbolizes full circle of graphic design services, which studio is offer. Full circle of the fiqures complete 360 degrees. One complete turn – is 360°. And that is studio are – always in action. The turn (or revolution, full circle, full rotation, cycle) is used in technology and science. Philosophy: form beyond function – is the central point of all design projects. Studio are ensured that design should be simple and understandable for every user. Logotype: studio has two kinds of logotype, that are complete each other. One logo is used as main logo, that visualizes turning of the circle and also it looks like planets or a piece of the Universe. Another logo used as additional variant. And it helps understand more philosophy of the studio. Human head is like a container for everything and this heads are connected together. Human’s head is a container where everything can be put down and take. And all various types of informational content are connected by all 5 traditional human senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

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  • 16 Sep 2016
  • Edward Hines
  • Illustrator
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